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Easy Entry/Show Pleasure > 13 hands

 for Horses, Ponies and Donkeys 13 Hands and Larger

     Our Easy Entry Style carts for larger ponies and horses are made of the same fine materials and craftsmanship as for our "little guys".  They ride very nicely and are well balanced.  The cart is made of oak and the wheels or shafts are hickory or ash.  The seat style is stationary.  The seat and floor width on a pony size is approximately 40" and 46" on the horse size.  The wooden dash board and whip socket are standard features!   Various options are available to customize your vehicle.  Due to the weight of the vehicle, pneumatic tires (bicycle style) are not offered.  For wheel sizes >36", we recommend a step.  WE OFFER THE SAME LOW PRICING FOR 13 to 16 HAND PONIES AND HORSES as we do for our mini/small pony line!!    

     These Easy Entry pictures are the DELUXE model shown with the Early American stain and the following options:  rein rail, wooden arm rests and dash box tray.

Shown in COB size with 36" wheels



Shown in PONY size with 32" Wheels




       Dashboard Tray and Rein Rail Shown                                    Wooden Slat Armrests  

Spares Box


        Half Moon Fender and Lights                                Block Brake


1.  Wooden Easy Entry cart (Includes dash board and brass whip socket, and brass OR chrome shaft tips) - $1250.

2.  Deluxe Wooden Easy Entry cart (Includes dash board, brass or chrome whip socket, spares latch (hinges are black or brass-no chrome), and shaft tips in brass OR chrome).  This carriage ALSO has an extended floor under the seat and a spares/glove box (inside dimension is 10x12). - $1325.

The Easy Entry cart comes with a stationary seatback.

Standard Shaft length:  66" Pony and 82" Horse.  We do customize to your horse.

The horse size Easy Entry carriage weighs approximately 200 pounds and the pony size weighs 150-175 pounds.


    1.  Brass or Chrome Package (rein rail, hubs, shaft tips, hardware on box (for deluxe), and whip socket) for    $130. 

    2.  Flush Hubs (eliminate 3-4" on each side) - $45

    3.  Sleigh Runners - $250

    4.  Hydraulic Brakes - $475

    5.  Dash Box Tray (~30" long, 4" wide 4" deep in back and 2.5-3" in front, 3 compartments) - $125

    6.  Two Steps - $55 (recommended for EE wheel sizes 42" and up)

    7.  Arch Axle - $100

    8.  Brush Cutters - $95

    9.  Adjustable Cart Stand - $65  Please call for shipping if ordered separately.

      10.  Wooden Arm Rests - $150 

      11.  Wooden Team Pole - $350 

    12.  Brass or Chrome Rein Rail - $115

    13.  Spares Box Under Seat - $75

    14.  Triangular Slow Vehicle signs (~7" tall by 8" wide) - $28 each

    15.  Extended Floor with Extra Slats Out the Back of the Carriage - $85

    16.  Full Box Around Floor (approximately 1.5" tall in back and 4" on the sides) - $135

    17.  Box Around Floor from Axle Forward (approximately 1.5" tall in back and 4" on the sides) - $95

    18.  New Offering!  Tufted Naugahyde Seat and Seatback - $295


MEADOWBROOK CARTS:  Cart comes with black rein rail, split seat, fenders, spares/glove box, brass whip socket and chrome or brass shaft tips.  Cost is $1825 for 13-16 hand horse, 16-18 Draft $1950 standard axle and $2000 for arch axle.



Wheel Fit for carts.

    Pony 13 hands needs a 36" wheel and 66" shafts

    Cob 13-14 hands needs a 42" wheel and 76-78" shafts

    Small Horse 14-15 hands needs a 44" wheel and 78-80" shafts for Meadowbrook and 42" wheel for Easy Entry

    Horse 15-16 hands needs a 48" wheel and 82" shafts for Meadowbrook and 44-46" wheel for Easy Entry

    Draft 16-18 hands needs a 48" wheel with an arch axle or 50-54" wheels and 89" shafts for Meadowbrook and 48" wheel for Easy Entry


The horse size Meadowbrook carriage weighs approximately 275 pounds and the pony size weighs 225-250 pounds.

Shipping for the cart is based on your location.  These carts are shipped freight.  If you provide your address and zip code, I can let you know the cost.  You may also pick it up in Pennsylvania.

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